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Monday, June 01, 1998

Tokyo service begins

Northwest Airlines will usher in nonstop service from Tokyo to Las Vegas with a flight's arrival today.

By Hubble Smith
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Shusuke Ogihara, member of the Japan-America Society of Nevada and a legal assistant with Woods & Erickson law firm, said direct flights from Japan will greatly benefit Las Vegas.  "If we let Japanese people know about the real Las Vegas, that it's not all gambling, more people will come here," he said.  Japan sends about 6.6 million tourists a year to the United States, Ogihara said, but 2 million to 3 million of them go to Hawaii. But those numbers are declining because the Japanese are finding Hawaii to be too expense, he said.

The economic problems in Japan will only help Las Vegas because "many people realize it's more affordable and more reasonable to go to a resort outside of Japan," Ogihara said.
  Hong Kong used to be a big destination for Japanese travelers, but since China took control, police officers walk the streets with rifles, which is intimidating to the Japanese, Ogihara said.

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