What Is NJC?
Our Mission
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What is Nevada Japan Conference?

We help you to build business relations with Japanese businesses. 

Do you want to participate in the Japanese market? Do you want to find the right business partner in Japan? How successfully can you convince them about the quality of your products or service?  Nevada Japan Conference can help you!

Our primary concern is our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Yes, we have an internet world now. But how effectively has that enabled you to find a legitimate and profitable business opportunity with Japanese businesspeople?

If it’s a business, Japanese people want face to face communication.  It’s not only a matter of language, but also culture. You need to have a proper business protocol.

NJC provides consulting, research and translation services. We’ll maximize your presentation towards the Japanese market.

We are so confident in our global network that we offer a FREE 1 hour initial consultation!

Our Mission

Nevada Japan Conference is another business bridge between the U.S. and Japan.  Formed as a business consulting company, Nevada Japan Conference, shares the excitement with our clients in doing business in the Pacific Rim.  Therefore, we regard the Pacific Ocean as the “Ocean of Opportunity”.

Our firm acts as a team in handling your new opportunity.  We will use those members of the team who have the skills to meet the needs and solve the problems presented in representing you.

We make every effort to keep you well informed as your project progresses.  Every effort will be made to expedite your matters promptly and efficiently according to the highest ethical standards.

Corporate Biography

How was Nevada Japan Conference, Inc. formed?

Tokyo-based Media Land International, Inc. established its representative office in Nevada in 1997. One year later, they formed its subsidiary Nevada Corporation, Nevada Japan Conference, Inc..

Media Land International has dealt with tremendous volume of American products such as music, CDs, movies, computer software, food and apparels.

The origin of Media Land’s business goes back over sixty years.  Its sister company, Kyobashi Record center, one of the oldest music centers in Japan at that time, provided western culture products, especially records, to Japanese high end customers.

Why Las Vegas?

Based on its strong contacts, and its international trade and marketing experience, Media Land has been appreciated by clients for their expertise in consulting services toward building business relationships.

Media Land foresaw the potential of Las Vegas as a “Convention Capital,” which would become a “One Stop Shop” where Japanese businesspeople could engage and meet with American businesspeople.

Years later, Las Vegas has truly become the convention capital envisioned.  Today, direct flights from Japan's biggest air carrier to the seventh busiest airport in the U.S., McCarran Las Vegas International Airport, help NJC to maximize its “Bridge function” between Japan and the U.S.


Executive Biographies

Shusuke Ogihara

President & CEO of Nevada Japan Conference,Inc.

Over 15 years of consulting business experience, including the world's largest bank, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank.

Susuke Ogihara has guided a great variety of clients, including wealthy individuals and international, publicly-traded corporations with operations and established brand recognition in the U.S.  His intensive knowledge and understanding regarding Japanese business are substantial assets for his clients.

He has been called “Mr. CS" for "Customer Satisfaction” throughout his business career, including 9 customer relation awards from the Mitsui-Sumitomo bank.  His clients have appreciated his “I care about your satisfaction” attitude.  This has always led his clients to a better understanding and confidence, in order to share strategies effectively.

He is an alumnus of the Keio University in Tokyo, one of the leading institutions in Japan.  Many Japanese business leaders, including current Prime Minister Koizumi, attended Keio University.  He then served as an intern with a prestigious Nevada business law firm, Woods Erickson Whitaker & Miles.

He has submitted a number of articles to the Japanese media, introducing the business climate in the U.S., such as American Express Japanese premium membership circulation and Japan External Trade Organization, the Nikkei newspaper, the Japanese equivalent to the Wall Street Journal.

He conducts business seminars for Japanese businessepeople that are interested in American businesses, resulting in invitations as a keynote speaker for approximately 45 seminars a year in Japan and the U.S.  He has been selected one of “Best 500 speakers” in one prestigious speakers directory.

In addition, he works for several Japanese state governments to create a strategy for the coming, first American-styled casino projects, aimed at improving state revenue.

Shusuke was invited as a guest speaker at Keio University.


Masamitsu Ogiahra

Chairman of Nevada Japan Conference, Inc.


Masamitsu was awarded an “Honorary Citizen of the City of Las Vegas.” for NJC’s function to help Las Vegas to diversify their economy.

Masamitsu Ogihara's international friendship began when he won the National Diving Competition in 1950’s.  He made many good friends in the U.S. through his Diving games, which led him to the trade business between the U.S. and Japan beginning in 1960’s.  For more than 40 years, he has introduced American consumer products to Japanese users.  


Ricky Oishi, CPA

Corporate Senior Advisor of Nevada Japan Conference, Inc.


Ricky Oishi has been long exposed to the accounting duties required by international business. In 1981, prior to graduating from the Keio University in 1982 with a Bachelors Degree in Business and Commerce, Oishi was employed by one of the world’s leading professional accounting firms, Coopers & Lybrand in Tokyo.

After achieving the status of Senior Accountant, Oishi was employed by Price Waterhouse in Los Angeles, another top accounting firm, in 1986 where he was promoted to the position of Manager. In 1990, Oishi was employed by Coopers & Lybrand in Los Angeles. Due to his years of experience and vast knowledge in the accounting field, Oishi achieved the level of Senior manager at Coopers & Lybrand in Los Angeles. In 1992, he established his accounting firm, Oishi and Company, and he currently serves as CEO of the company.

Oishi has helped NJC substantially as a corporate senior advisor since May, 1998. His variety of consulting experience with both American and Japanese corporation is a critical asset for NJC.



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