Industry Practices
Functional Practice

Industry Practices

Nevada Japan Conference has worked with small to large, publicly traded businesses in the following industries:

  • Franchise business

  • Information technology

  • Retail (shop and restaurant)

  • Telecommunication

  • Consumer goods

  • Multimedia

  • Entertainment

  • Financial services (Bank and security, insurance)

  • Food

  • Electronics

  • Medical related service

  • Hospital

Working together!

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Is East meeting West enough?


Functional Practice

  • Import & Export

  • Brand management

  • Price strategy

  • Organization design

  • Organization change

  • Business simulation

  • Ultramodern strategic theory development

  • New business

  • Investment

  • Risk management

  • Venture Product development

  • Commercialization program marketing

  • Technical strategy

  • R&D management (consumer goods)

  • Innovation

  • Industrial goods

  • CRM (continuous customer relation strengthening program)

  • Database marketing

  • Operating power strengthening program

  • Channel management

  • Condominium rate finance

  • Administrative accounting

  • Cash-flow management

  • Human resource development

  • Human resource management

  • Re-design of an operating process

  • Supply chain management

  • Integrated physical distribution strategy

  • Business dynamics


Japanese and American businesses working together in Nevada!


Japanese and American businesses working together in Los Angeles!



"Nevada Japan Conference helped me to expand my belief of what is possible. They so vividly portray the sheer magnitude of the opportunity in front of all of us" -- Tom Lorentzen, Former Director of Private Sector Initiatives at the U.S. Small Business Administration and Former Senior Consultant to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation

"A very valuable blend of predictions, anecdotes, and insights relating to Japanese marketing.  NJC has opened up a whole new market for us!"
-- Cole Joplin, President, Custom Cyber Solutions

"Each meeting is clear, to the point, and right on. Nevada Japan Conference is America's asset in their ability to explain the present and predict the future of the Japanese market. How fortunate that they would share their knowledge with such passion and style."
-- Charlie Chihara, President, Carzmetics (21st Century Auto Body Technology franchiser) 

"Finally! The premier success tool for marketing the Giant economic island by the masters of building business relations across the Pacific Ocean."

"An excellent solution! Meeting with Nevada Japan Conference should be the first order of business for anyone considering a Japanese market. Mr. Ogihara is committed to practical and cost effective solutions." -- Barry Yen, Partner Lawyer at So Keung Yip & Sin in Hong Kong.

"Japan is no longer a myth for us after meeting with Nevada Japan Conference. I wonder who gave us the wrong impression that business with Japan is as difficult as discovering petroleum in a dessert."
-- Bill Stauffer, General Manager, Las Vegas Golf & Tennis Headquarter (Nation wide franchiser since 1974) 

"We have been fed up with different compliance rules in every state. Instead, as an almost singly ruled market, I found Japan is far larger than California."


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