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In Japan, just as in the U.S., personal networking between businesses can be crucial for success.  NJC has that network, and the skills to be effective.

When carefully prepared, strategic “beating around the bush” often brings very efficient results when it comes to the Japanese market.  You need more than a mere interpreter.  If language was the only problem, you could simply buy translation software and exchange emails with Japanese.  You know there's more involved. 

The essential tool you have to arm yourself is the appropriate business protocol. Appropriateness can be very different in another country. There is no such thing as a “world standard business protocol”.  NJC knows how to guide you right the first time.  

The Pacific market does not exist only for large U.S. companies! 

Our belief about customer satisfaction cannot be discussed without the consideration to the cost of performance.

Our goal is to provide the quality of service which is equivalent to Big 5 accounting firms, with better service fees, which enables mid-size and small companies to actively test the waters of foreign markets.

If you care about your business partners, you should know how to express that care appropriately. We will prepare you to make your partners comfortable and ready to talk business. Our customer care is why we have risen above competing firms, on both sides of the Pacific.

Skyline of Chiba, Japan 


From left: Mr. Harker, State of Nevada; Susuke Ogihara; Mr. Majewski, City of Las Vegas 
State of Nevada Medical Industries

NJC has participated in a Tokyo convention along with The State of Nevada and City of Las Vegas to promote Nevada medical Industries. NJC prepared Japanese brochures and signs in Japanese, and spoke to many attendants in Japanese. 

Business Exchange Forum

NJC is the designated “Business Exchange Forum” organizer on behalf of the Chiba prefecture (state) in Japan, with great interest in U.S. Business Exchange Forum at Flamingo Hilton. Sep. 18, 1998 

Chiba-Nippo Newspaper covered our business seminar Quote: “We discovered a new business climate in U.S. beyond our imagination"


In 1998, our chairman was awarded the "Certificate 
of Honorary Citizen of Las Vegas”
for NJC’s efforts as a business bridge between Japan and western U.S., and for helping Las Vegas to diversify their economy. 

He has also been awarded as an Honorary Citizen from the City of Sacremento, California for NJC's trade impact on California.

Shusuke Ogihara with Nevada
U.S. Senator John Ensign.


Shusuke Ogihara with Nevada
Lieutenant Governor Lorrain Hunt

NJC executives have helped to support the Council of 
Local Authorities for International Relations conferences in Las Vegas.

The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) was established in July 1988 as a joint organization of local authorities to promote and provide support in  the overseas activities of local public authorities and promotes local level internationalization.

CLAIR seeks to develop leaders in Japan who will be responsible for local business internationalization.

Networking Partners

Our network of partners includes the finest professional services for your business connection.

NJC is your bridge across the Pacific!


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